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The power of a feature wall

The power of a feature wall

feature wallWhether at home or away, you may well have noticed a growing trend in the use of an authentic brick wall look to help deliver a certain atmosphere – whether it be to entertain guests or to create a certain style or theme about a bar or restaurant, there are many reasons as to why homeowners and business people are turning to brick slips to help embellish their feature walls and to draw eyes in. In the home, a feature wall can be used to generate conversation or to transform the look of a dining room, a garage or even a kitchen completely – and all it ever takes are a few well-chosen brick slips to help bring such an atmosphere to life.

What does a feature wall do?

Feature walls built from brick slips help create an atmosphere that is stylish and modern but in a very urban way. A business or home that boasts a feature wall comprised of reclaimed or specialised brick slips benefits from a homely and traditional charm that, at the same time, comes off as contemporary and unique. But how can a feature wall be unique if brick slips are gaining in such popularity? Simple – no two feature walls are the same.

You may want to focus on a uniform red-brick look for your feature wall, to emphasise symmetry and style – alternatively, you may want your room or bar to look more rugged, urban or down-to-earth with reclaimed slips that have been sourced from genuine demolition. Here at Brick Slips Direct, we are proud to source and provide slip options from genuine demolition sources to help provide our customers and clients with authentic, urban style that can be hard to come by with bespoke orders. On the other side of the coin, however, bespoke brick slips can be made to order to emphasise any colour or look that you desire – meaning that there really is no limit barring your own tastes and imagination.

Why would I want one?

Brick slip feature wallA feature wall should be something that makes people talk at parties, as well as something that helps to define both your home and your personality. Bars, clubs and restaurants have branched out into brick slips in recent years to appear more contemporary to emphasise a sense of home-grown produce and service – and why shouldn’t the same go for the home?

Brick slips come in all shapes, sizes and even colours, making the options for a feature wall virtually limitless – whether you are looking for an urban, authentic look with genuine resourced brick slips, or if you are in the market for a clean, contemporary sheen with a bespoke creation, a feature wall can really enhance your home or business for less than you may expect to pay elsewhere.

If you want a design statement, the look no further than Brick Slips Direct. For more information on the services we provide and the selection of slips and feature wall services we have to offer, contact us today on 01246 260001 or email us with your query and we will be back in touch with you as soon as we possibly can!

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