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Where can external timber cladding be used?

Where can external timber cladding be usedMany customers, turn to Brick Slips Direct for a number of different style and refurbishment of their Homes and Business. Brick slips can transform the feel of a room almost effortlessly, whether you are looking for an industrial, rustic feel or are looking to cultivate a calming and peaceful atmosphere. It will help to boost the morale of your guests or clientele. With reclaimed sources at the top of our agenda, we are naturally proud to offer only the best wall cladding options that money can buy – for less – and external timber cladding is quickly becoming one of our biggest sellers of the summer.

Where can external timber cladding be used? Uses of Timber Cladding

Many people may assume that brick slips are primarily used for featuredTimber close up cladding walls internally, whether inside restaurants, bars, cafés or coffee shops – or as part of a refurbished homestead. Certain types of wall cladding can work just as effectively outside as it can in. Certain slips are developed specifically as external cladding – making them an ideal choice for a natural, striking look. It really helps your home to stand out from its surroundings, and maybe even the neighbourhood. External timber cladding can effectively be used anywhere that it is likely to either blend in, look unique, or offer a theme. It is used in cafés and coffee shops in rural areas and even indie bars and restaurants can all benefit from a new look that this wall cladding can provide.

What is Timber Cladding?

Timber cladding offers a natural look that can help any home or building blend into greener surroundings. It also offer a stunning contemporary twist to any home or structure that is looking back to its natural roots with Contemporary Style. The appearance of external timber gives off an impression that a building has been constructed painstakingly from natural resources, offering it a sense of majesty that traditional external cladding may not be able to cater for. Therefore, it is easy to appreciate why so many people are looking to take their buildings back to nature, while remaining contemporary at the same time. With Brick Slips Direct, many are doing so for less than they may have originally imagined!

Uses of Timber Cladding:-

External cladding is designed and made with the weather and the outside world in mind. Any external cladding you purchase from Brick Slips Direct will be weatherproof and safe to use all year round, regardless of climate or changes in the weather.  You will benefit from great-looking external timber cladding that entices and impresses with relative ease, no matter the occasion.

If you are considering setting up external cladding but are unsure which style to opt for, go for the our Timber Cladding Brick Slips. It gives you the unique design that offers a contemporary twist to a natural idea. External timber cladding may well be the option for you. With years of experience in supplying and installing internal and external brick slips, Brick Slips Direct will be happy to consult with you. We offer consultation on any building, storefront or homestead that is in need of a little touch-up or could benefit from new, modern external cladding that will leave a great and lasting impression on your clients and guests alike. For more information or to arrange a consultation, call Brickslips Direct today on 01246 260001. We will help you get the natural and contemporary look that you are aiming for in no time.

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