Glazed effect brick slips

Glazed Effect Brick Slips Designs | Popularity of Glazed Brick Slips

Glazed effect slips

Brick slips are becoming increasingly popular with homes and businesses alike – and we are the people to know this!  However, while you may assume that all brick slips are the same, and that the aim of using them is to always create a rustic and industrial look, or to emulate the feel of an outside wall.

Glazed effect slips, the design statement you need:-

You may be surprised to learn that there are styles of brick slips that can offer a unique, sophisticated look that – while retaining the contemporary feel that traditional brick slips provide – offer an added gloss to any room, establishment or service area.  Literally!

Growing in popularity!

Our glazed effect slips are growing in popularity and it is hard not to understand why!  We offer a range of stain-resistant glazed cladding that works perfectly in building a wall or emphasising a room or feature wall with style – glazed cladding is, naturally, not usually traditionally used in the construction of buildings, and is therefore perfect for creating a striking and truly unique look that will make your café, feature wall or games room stand out in a big way.  Everyone likes a little bit of sheen or gloss once in a while – and our glazed cladding is clean, eye-catching and guaranteed to last the years.

While some restaurants and cafés may be interested in creating a more rustic or industrial look – which we can of course cater to – depending on the type of establishment you run, you may well benefit from a glossier touch – after all, it is not just your food or your service that need to leave an impression on your customers!  Our glazed collection comes in a range of colours and styles and can be easily mapped out and laid down to cover a wall of almost any size or shape – simply let us know the necessary details or arrange a consultation with us and we’ll handle the rest for you – no questions asked!

For interior and exterior

Glazed effect brick cladding can be used inside and out, and our ranges are manufactured to bespoke order within the UK, meaning that we can assure you of efficient local creation and dispatch as and when you need it.  Whether you like the idea of red, black, or even gold or silver glazed cladding, we can  create a superb bespoke feature wall for you that is weather and time resistant – meaning that your guests and/or your customers can enjoy a refreshing alternative to interior and exterior design that will be guaranteed to leave a positive impression.

For more information on our glazed effect slips or to arrange a consultation and a quote, simply call Brick Slips Direct today on 01246 260001 or contact us further via our web form.  We’ll be happy to discuss any thoughts, ideas or concerns you may have, along with what we can do to make your feature wall or interior design sparkle and shine with a unique glazed design – one that people will want to see more of on a regular basis!

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