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Upcoming Trends of Brick Slips for Hospitality Industry, Uses of Brick Slips

While you may or may not have noticed, style trends tend to come and go for interior design in restaurants and cafés as much as they do for the way we dress and style our own homes. Also the Brick slips are becoming increasingly popular in helping eateries and bars alike create a warm and welcoming feel for customers.  There really has been no better time to monopolise on installing a feature wall or two to inspire your patrons.  But just what is it about brick slips and feature walls that are making them so popular with the hospitality industry in recent months?

Light coloured feature wall of slips view 2Take it from us – having worked with a number of restaurant and bar firms in recent years we are well aware that brick slips bring a homely and rustic feel to any establishment.  From trendy wine bars to student pubs, from authentic Italian restaurants to internet cafés – there is something so inviting about the appearance of an authentic brick wall. It seems to inspire people to attend a bar or restaurant again and again.

While you may think that so many establishments opting for brick slips may get wearisome for the public. NEED TO THINK AGAIN – as no two brick slips are the same (especially from a reclaimed, authentic stock), neither are two feature walls.  Using varied and unique brick slips can help to create a look and atmosphere that is entirely an establishment’s own – and our job is to make sure that becomes a reality.

The desire for brick slips

We think the allure of authentic feature walls is largely down to the fact that it helps an establishment take on a homely, traditional feel. One that is urban, but not manufactured. An atmosphere created by a restaurant or bar that has spent the years building itself from the ground-up.  Certainly, anyone without knowledge of brick slips may well have initially assumed that such walls were authentic – and short of them being part of the building’s external structure, they most certainly are!

Authentic brick slips are becoming even more popular in hospitality.  Not only to their unique nature but also to the history that travels with each and every slip. Manufactured brick slips can appear bland and obvious, whereas a varied wall full of genuine reclaimed slips can effortlessly and seamlessly. create an environment and atmosphere that neither distracts the customers nor annoys them – we think they provide the perfect balance between creating an atmosphere and inspiring patrons to return for more.

There really is much to be said for reclaimed brick slips and the atmospheres that they can create for hospitality businesses and otherwise – and for more information on the range Brick Slips Direct offer, and how we can help transform your restaurant or bar with the help of genuine architectural history, contact us today on 01246 260001, or send us a query via our web form and we will be happy to get back in touch with you to help!

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