Sandstone Cladding

5 ways stone cladding adds to your property

Stone Cladding is effortlessly dramatic and gorgeous. Apart from the Brick Slips, we also deals in a wide range of Stone Cladding for your home and business. If your are looking to revitalise a wall or two,we also offer authentic and manufactured stone cladding. It helps to create a whole new effect for your exterior homestead, your business premises’ appearance, or even to help bring a warm and natural atmosphere to your living spaces. 

Here are just a few ways we think stone cladding will help to add to your property:

An authentic, natural look Stone Cladding
Sandstone Cladding

Natural stone cladding really is a mixed bag – but only in the sense that you never know which shapes you’re going to get!  Like Our authentic brick slip reclaiming, we are able to cut and install authentic rock, sandstone and graphite for any building design needs. It allows your premises to blend in with your surroundings, or to stand out amongst a sea of similar-looking buildings

Get people talking

It’s not every day that you get to visit a home clad from authentic or manufactured stone. Stone cladding really does offer something a little different to look at beyond the brick and mortar homesteads of old.  Stone cladding can even be used as part of feature walls, meaning that you can entertain your guests while treating them to an authentic-looking hearth or dining area with that added touch of nature.

Versatility in design

We can cut and provide natural stone cladding, or can even manufacture facsimile cladding. There are variety of Stone Cladding as per your needs and purposes.  Your choice between natural and man-made will depend upon your personal tastes and your existing exterior and interior design.

But we assure you that both will help you create a striking and original look that will help you to stand out in the neighbourhood or on the high street in a flattering and appealing way.

Create impressions
Devonshire Graphite Stone Cladding

As mentioned, stone cladding makes for an ideal focal point. But even more so, you’ll be able to pass off your home or premises as a building forged in nature itself.  Brick cladding gives the crafted impression with authentic brickwork all the way through. While it is merely a cosmetic choice for the outer shell.  Similarly, stone cladding gives the impression that your home or premises has stood the test of time – and that will reflect well on you!

Adding value

Believe it or not, stone cladding may in fact add value to your home.  If you opt for cladding which blends in well with your existing décor, a tasteful enough arrangement may well intrigue potential buyers further down the line. 

If there is anything positive about your property which stands out, you can be assured people will pay good money for it.

Take it from us – stone cladding looks great, is easy to install and with Brick Slips Direct, it’s amazingly affordable.  Call us today on 01246 260001 or email us via web form if you’d like to know more!

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