Finished reclaimed brick slip chimney breast

How to Install Reclaimed Brick Slips onto a Chimney Breast

How to Install Reclaimed Brick Slips onto a Chimney Breast:– The use of traditional brick look fireplace has increased over the last few years, and using brick slips to clad fireplaces is the hot trend. The method of Brick Slips installation can be quick and easy and goives a rocking stylish look to your Chimney.

Chimney breasts and fireplaces can often provide a fantastic focal point for any lounge or living space, and reclaimed brick slips can help to bring them to life in a rustic and authentic way.  Our reclaimed slips are sourced from genuine demolition, meaning that the slips you apply to your walls from us will already have a lot of character to them and history behind them!  We can cut and provide both flat slips and external corners, and providing us with the basic measurements for your chimney breast or fireplace will be a good place to start so that we can accurately supply you with the products you will need.

Starting with a clean and bare chimney breast ready for cladding, ensure that you have all the slips you need, adhesive,  a notched tiling trowel  and something to ensure that your slips are equally spaced out.  In this demonstration, we’ve used T Spacers – these are small plastic fixers – and these can even be left in through the pointing (as you’ll not notice them once the work is finished).

Starting your Brick Slip Project

Recaimed Brick slip installation step 1

The first step once you have your tools and materials to hand is to mix up your adhesive and apply a small amount at a time to the chimney breast.  As you can see in our video, we started on the lower left before laying slips down, with T Spacers, across the top of the fireplace’s alcove.  We then gradually built up in horizontal lines to the very top of the breast touching the ceiling before finishing the other vertical column to the right of the alcove.  You need to make sure you are relatively efficient in laying the slips and T Spacers as the adhesive will dry very quickly in air – this is why we recommend you tackle the application of slips and adhesive one small section at a time.

As you can see from our video, we then went underneath the alcove to cover the back wall and the corners leading in once we were happy with the rest of the breast’s coverage.

Finished reclaimed brick slip chimney breast

From here, it’s time to mix the mortar, which you will use to point and fix the slips, effectively, into place with permanence.  Once mixed as instructed, you can either use a trowel or a specialist pointing gun to fill in the joins, being careful to ensure that all gaps or voids are filled, and that you don’t get too much mortar on the slip faces.  You can take away any excess mortar with a brush or wire ahead of it setting completely, however, with a pointing gun this may not be necessary.

The final product

As you can see from the video, after leaving the pointing to fully set, we were left with a chimney installation with a fantastic new reclaimed cladding – an authentic look with character that will embellish any home or commercial property with just a few tools and materials.

For more information on our brick slips, cutting services and made-to-order cladding, call Brick Slips Direct today on 01246 260001 or email us with a further query.

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