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Considerations for when you are choosing brick slips for your property

Considerations for when you are choosing brick slips for your property

Choosing brick slips for your home can be an exciting process – trust us when we say there’s nothing quite like a great-looking feature wall that benefits from authentic, urban brickwork to create a unique atmosphere and a focal point for years to come. But how easy is it to decide upon the right brick slips for you? Should it simply depend on what appeals to you the most, or are there other considerations that you need to make when looking in detail at building a feature wall from scratch? Luckily, help is at hand!

What first then?

view of a wall from the floorFirstly, you should always consider the style of wall that you are looking to cultivate. Are you aiming to lead with a contemporary slant, or are you keen to allow your new wall to blend in with a more traditional style that your home may already be exhibiting? Ultimately, what kind of atmosphere are you looking to create? While our experts will certainly be happy and on hand to help you make the right decision for you and your home, it really pays to know a little bit about the type of brickwork you’re looking to invest in before you jump in feet first – as it can mean saving a lot of time and effort on your part in having to make a decision. There is also the matter of saving money – should you really risk spending out on brick slips that don’t necessarily create the look that you are aiming for? Absolutely not – so it’s a great idea to get a good idea of what you’re looking for before making any rash decisions.

What should i get?

But where to start? Consider, first of all, the type of brick face you’re looking for – are you keen on authenticity? Are you more enticed by uniform design and a sleek, contemporary appearance? As we provide both genuine reclaimed brick slips and those which are created from scratch to your bespoke requirements, both options are always available to you. You should also closely consider the size of the bricks you are aiming to install – contemporary walls may opt for longer, thinner slips in a range of colours – while others may be of standard size and of the traditional urban colouring that we see so regularly. It’s important to consider your existing building – what blends in with your surroundings? What textures, shapes, colours and patterns benefit your existing property best – and appeal to you at the same time?

Ultimately, your choice of brick slips is yours alone – you may want to create a bright, colourful and contemporary wall that really stands out from the rest of your building – or alternatively, you may be keen to blend in with your home’s existing style and construction. Whichever you aim for, we will be happy to offer you all the advice and support you need in making the right brick slip choice for you. Contact us here at Brick Slips Direct today on 01246 260001 and we will look forward to helping transform your walls, your way – in no time at all!

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