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External cladding: how it can transform your home

Create a new look
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If you are looking for renovating your Home or Business Premises at low budget. You can improve its looks and value by Exterior Cladding.

Cladding and brick slips aren’t just a facet for interior design. While it all works wonders to help transform a feature wall or to blend in an authentic urban or period look with existing décor. There are more than a few ways through which you can make it all work to your advantage outside the home, too.  Many businesses and homes alike have taken to embellishing their external looks into themed or styled pieces that really stand out – both on the high street and in the neighbourhood.

Why choose external cladding?

Grey Sandstone Cladding

There are many reasons why you may wish to take up external cladding – for your business. It may be a case of standing out from crowd to blend in with their theme of business.  Wall cladding that is installed on the outside of a building is often different to that which you may find provided for interior. We provide a range of styles and cuts from reclaimed sources as well as those which can be manufactured from scratch, it is likely that you will find many buildings opting for rustic, urban or weathered looks – particularly if they are aiming to offer that long-standing, authentic style to make it seem that a business or home has stood for decades.

An incredible home transformation

As you can see from our video reel, external cladding makes for a dramatic home transformation.  The first impression guests get from your home is, of course, from the outside. While many will be perfectly happy to expect traditional brickwork if you live in a suburban area, it goes without saying that weathered or natural stone could stand to turn more than a few heads – in a positive way, of course!  Stone cladding is hugely popular and makes for a very neutral, external covering which works well with many building types – sandstone in particular is a very popular choice for homeowners looking to either blend their house into a rural area, or to push back against what may be an otherwise modern construction.  Alternatively, a good choice in external cladding can transform your home to the extent that it drives appeal for those looking to buy.

How we can help

Sandstone Cladding Cottage

This means that external cladding is a very popular option for those looking to develop property, or to sell a home altogether.  On the other hand, it can simply make for an altogether fantastic new look – and here at Brick Slips Direct, we will help you in finding the best look and feel for your home so that you go home with a brilliant new style for your home’s exterior.  We aim to drive those priceless first impressions – meaning that you can count on us and our catalogue to find the most beneficial look for your property.

For more information on the types and ranges of external cladding we currently offer, do head on over to our website for a closer look – alternatively, contact us on 01246 260001 or email for further details.

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