Milltown Blend close up brick slip example

European brick slips are perfect for your home

Here at Brick Slips Direct, we provide reclaimed and manufactured cladding and slip solutions for homes and businesses alike. In some cases, one type is often more appropriate than the other!  When it comes to a uniform, consistent looks we recommend our manufactured range. Our Cladding provides practical benefits as well as a great look. Some of the best in-house cladding we create is part of our European Brick Slips range.

Practicality and Style

Golden Buff brick slip close up example

Our European Brick Slips are manufactured from scratch to not only emulate much in the way of modern building standards, but also to help bolster existing building set-ups in need of more than a little strength and resistance.  One of the huge benefits to installing European Brick Slips for your home is in their sheer practicality.  While some slips manufacturers may provide cladding entirely based on appearance rather than functionality. Our European range is highly resistant against water damage and can even be used to help bolster insulation and protection against the elements.  To protect your home’s outer cladding and structure against flooding risk and heavy weather, we dare say it’s a range you can depend upon.

A Natural Look with Symmetry and Structure

Milltown Blend close up brick slip example

Beyond this, our customers love our European Brick Slips for their look – they are remarkably consistent while retaining that nice, natural look – while they do not offer the same random, rugged tenacity of our reclaimed slips (which we source from genuine demolition), they are designed and manufactured to provide symmetry and class in a way that’s fairly unparalleled.  European Brick Slips aren’t just strong in nature – they look it, too.  Therefore, they are an extraordinarily popular choice for those homeowners looking to strengthen their perimeter inside and out. They are very easy to set up and leave to do their business.

Rugged Brick Slip Options

Staffordshire Blue brick slip example

The look of our European Brick Slips range from contemporary to curious. Anyone keen on a symmetrical, modern look will be very keen on our Red Dragwire and Staffordshire Blue options. Both of these offer continuous, smooth cladding which runs uninterrupted while providing added strength to your property.  For something a little more rugged, consider Weathered Red or Graphite Stock – while for something a little more arty and out of the blue, you could consider the stunning Milltown Blend – easily one of our personal favourites in the range.

Consider our European Range

Your home should be your castle. Our European Brick Slips will help to make your fortress look the part, it’ll also need to perform like a castle, too.  If you’re looking for modern external cladding that looks stunning and is resistant against the very worst of the elements. Consider our European range – available in eight different styles and options for you to pick from, along with corner brick slips to help bolster more than one wall.

Call us today on 01246 260001 for more details, or email us directly. We’ll be happy to bring modern European cladding to your property for less!

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