Wooden cladding example

Reclaimed brick slips and timber cladding

Reclaimed brick slips and timber cladding

Wooden claddingWhen it comes to creating an authentic, rustic atmosphere – whether in your home or in your place of business – you can’t go wrong with brick slip products.  There’s nothing quite like a feature wall or fireplace that takes your guests and customers back to the distant past – and with genuine brick slip and cladding obtained from legitimate sources, you can be assured of a wall or two that emphasise period architecture.

Brick slips and cladding are becoming increasingly popular with coffee shops and independent restaurants as they give off a feeling of a home-grown business – one that has been painstakingly built from the ground up.  Thankfully, sourcing and installing a feature wall made from brick slip material or timber cladding has never been easier, nor more affordable, than from Brick Slips Direct – offering reclaimed slips to the public and via tradespeople alike.

Authentic brick slips

The appeal of reclaimed brick slip material lie in their authenticity.  While some brick slip manufacturers and suppliers may produce and sell reproductions in bulk, Brick Slips Direct can ensure that you will always receive authentic slips that have been cut from bricks that have been reclaimed from genuine buildings.  This means that a wall made of brick slip bought from us will hold more history than those that can be bought wholesale from other manufacturers.  We responsibly source and produce our reclaimed brick slip material from recently demolished sources to pass onto our customers – this means that you’re not just receiving great looking brick slips, but those which have already served a huge purpose as part of a commercial building.

The appeal of a refurbished or reproduction brick slip made from scratch and from poor quality materials simply doesn’t hold the same appeal – our brick slips started life as genuine brickwork, and they can retire to help create a rustic atmosphere for your home or business.

Genuine timber cladding corners

Brick slip corners and timber cladding, too, can be made from scratch – but Brick Slips Direct like to ensure that these are also sourced responsibly from genuine buildings that have served their purposes.  Timber cladding is great for creating a warm and natural atmosphere that can even help bring the feel of the great outdoors into your home, restaurant or café.  Brick slip corners – which are again responsibly reclaimed from authentic sources – help tie in two feature walls together, which is particularly useful if you are looking to clad a tricky internal wall design or wish to cover more than one wall.  When it comes to choosing between brick slip and timber claddings made from scratch or resourced from legitimate demolition – we believe there’s no choice at all!

For more information on the benefits of brick slip material, cladding, timber solutions and our reliable sourcing – as well as a quote for your business or home – call us today on 01246 260001– and our team will be more than happy to bring a touch of outdoor rustic to your guests or customers with authenticity at an extremely competitive price!

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