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Why our Reclaimed bricks slips are our best-sellers

Brick slips come in all shapes, sizes, colours, styles and ranges – and we’re proud to be able to offer genuine slips and Corners from reclaimed sources that look great in homes and businesses alike.  

Why our Reclaimed bricks slips are our best-sellers:-

However, you may be interested in learning that some of our ranges are Corner Brick Slipmore popular than others – but why is this?  The answer lies in both what’s currently on-trend, and what makes the most versatile and simple choice for installation.  Arguably, our reclaimed bricks slips are continuing to prove to be our best sellers, and there are a number of reasons as to why this is the case!

Authentic brickwork with history

Our reclaimed brick slips, like other ranges we offer, are reclaimed responsibly and are therefore sourced from authentic brickwork – offering a genuine touch of rustic industrialism and a little bit of history with every wall!  What’s special about our reclaimed slips, however, is first of all in the design – a striking red and pink hue embellished by rustic weathering provides a fantastic look for both the inside of a restaurant, the outside of a garage wall, or even as part of a feature wall in your lounge or games room.  Reclaimed bricks slips are perhaps the most authentic look that we offer – and that’s largely because they’ve been pooled from legitimate sources!

The Reclaimed rustic style is arguably the classic look that our customers look for – when you think of classic British brickwork, you don’t necessarily think of glossy walls or grey, neutral looks – you imagine the gritty, grazed red bricks of old, the type that builders use to construct houses, schools, public buildings and amenities alike – and our reclaimed bricks slips offer genuine history in that no two slips are the same – each and every one weathered a little differently, offering their own unique stories as part of a building that once stood proudly on the high street or as part of a neighbourhood from times gone by.  This is the classic look that reminds people of British architecture – good, solid, authentic brickwork that was built to last, and has genuinely done so!

For any home or office

Reclaimed Brick SlipThe authenticity and appearance of reclaimed slips offer a look of strength, and one that suggests the owner appreciates and stands by home-grown values and is not afraid to be proud of their links to British history – this is largely why they are so popular with cafés and restaurants – as they suggest that the establishment is long-standing and humble, and that they are ultimately trustworthy.  Reclaimed slips are also incredibly versatile, and can be cut and manipulated to cover walls and corners alike as and where they may be required.

For more information on our superb brick slip ranges, or to enquire about our reclaimed range, call Brick Slips Direct today on 01246 260001 or contact us via web form – and we will be back in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss how slips can bring an unbeatable charm and a touch of history to your home or business!

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