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Why is stone wall cladding so popular?

Why is stone wall cladding so popular?

While there are a vast range of different brick slips and cladding options available for private homeowners and commercial businesses alike to help renovate their walls, there are one or two which really stand head and shoulders above all others – and from our experience, stone wall cladding continues to be a popular and affordable all-around choice to aid public businesses and homesteads alike. But why is this? Surely if you’ve seen one brick slip, you’ve seen them all? That has never been the case – and allow us to explain why!

Stone cladding is seen as a contemporary alternative to some of the more rustic or industrial styles available from Brick Slips Direct – while we encourage our customers to have a look at all of our range, stone wall cladding attracts business from all walks of life on a regular basis. While rustic, reclaimed industrial brick cladding can bring a touch of history to a featured wall in a home or as part of a bar or restaurant, stone cladding provides an entirely different atmosphere and style to an environment, whether inside or outside – meaning that it is highly likely you will benefit from them if you are opting to create a modern and clean atmosphere that feels natural and long-standing.

What stone cladding can do for you?Sandstone Corner

Stone cladding can help transform a number of public buildings, cafés, restaurants and leisure centres in a variety of different ways – from embellishing an existing atmosphere or look to creating a whole new feel – and it is largely thanks to stone wall cladding that so many tourism and leisure centres benefit from an atmosphere that suggests a clean and robust establishment. Wall cladding of all kinds help to increase the contemporary feel of any room or featured wall – but it is highly recommended that you consider which type of cladding will work best for your particular establishment. Will red brick cladding go down as well in a swimming pool or sauna as it could in an independent bar or fashion retailer? Maybe not – but there is genuinely no stopping the popularity that stone cladding is currently experiencing.

But what is it that genuinely drives our customers to take up stone wall cladding? We think it’s their authenticity as much as their uniqueness – as they help a room to feel more relaxing, more comforting and more pleasant with very little effort – making them a fantastic choice for leisure rooms and facilities above all else. Many brick slips providers do not even offer stone cladding as an option – meaning that it is also highly likely that customers turn to us for unique, quality wall cladding using stone at a price they can afford.

For more information on how stone wall cladding can transform your business or how it can transform any room in your home into a relaxing sanctuary, call Brick Slips Direct today on 01246 260001– and we will be happy to discuss any plans you may have for your home or business in as much detail as you require!

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