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5 reasons you should look into our new interlocking timber panels

5 reasons you should look into our new interlocking timber panels 

TimberEveryone wants a slightly different look for their home or business – and it’s our aim to make sure that we can create that for them!  One of our newest and most attractive ranges is our timber cladding – which comes in the form of interlocking panels for use on any interior or exterior walls you wish.  But why should you consider these panels for your feature wall or for your business’ main premises?  Let’s have a closer look.

They’re remarkably easy to install 

The intuitive interlocking design and nature of our timber cladding panels allow for extremely easy set-up, arrangement and maintenance – meaning that you can slot in timber panels of any look or design you require with ease, allowing you to create a log cabin design or similar by easily covering several walls and negotiating corners without visible seams or overlap.

Strength in design

Timber is becoming more and more popular in the design and building trades due to its extraordinary strength – meaning that they are forever durable against most threats of damage.  This certainly makes interlocking timber a viable option for any business or homeowner that is looking to create a long-term look or finish without having to worry about making replacements or repairs in the months to come.

An authentic look

Timber is also becoming hugely popular for the atmospheres it can create – while brick slips can bring in a sense of urban civilisation to any internal environment, timber effortlessly creates cosy, continental atmospheres – giving an impression of a cabin in the woodland, or of a ski lodge high up in the mountains.  A wall cladded with interlocking timber panels can give the impression of a self-built and maintained building that has been sourced entirely from nature itself – it’s certainly the best choice in our range if you are hoping to retain the natural look.

Light as well as sturdy 

Timber panelsTimber cladding is some of the easiest to install also due to its lightweight nature – it’s incredibly easy to pick up, manoeuvre and put together, making it an ideal choice for anyone who is looking to create a quick, great-looking natural reclaimed cladding design that neither eats up time nor particular effort.  Certainly, we think our interlocking panels are some of the most intuitively and practically designed cladding options we offer!


Our interlocking panel range can be used almost anywhere – you can transform bedrooms, lounges, restaurant lobbies and even kitchens with the right timber cladding, and we will only be too happy to help you pick the best look for you.  What’s more, as interlocking timber panels are so versatile and so easy to manage, you can install and move them in a whole host of ways and for a variety of means.

Interlocking timber panels are among our newest ranges here at Brick Slips Direct – and for more information on how they can transform the look of your home or business in a minimum of time, simply call us today on 01246 260001 or email us for further details!

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